Report on our work over time

Research report on the work of the Merry Trust by Eliana Gerardi and Natanya Rodrigo-Candappa

art festival poster

As we approach a completion of our work, we have commissioned a report on our activity over time through the Merry Trust.

This is a report for all who have participated, both in the UK and in Mozambique. It is a tribute too to the Llewellyn family, Jani, Aunty Marge and Peter who were our foundations and who still make us smile. We are grateful to Eliana and Natanya for their work on this.

The idea that we can find equality, dignity and solidarity in practical ways through culture and arts is a precious one and one that deserves to flourish over time. This report tells you of our endeavours in that spirit. In the larger narrative, we imagine ourselves to be no more than one bar or one verse in what is yet to come.

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