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31st March 2015

Talking to Barbara we are happy to report that, following the elections in Mozambique, the cultural network based around the Casa Provincial da Cultura is again being discussed and our long term friends at Tambo Tambulani [Read More]

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15th March 2015

Here are the main CAP achievements/results for 2014 that Barbara sent to Martin Fischler, Programme Coordinator East Africa,Senior Advisor Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Advisory Services at HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation our administration Partner in Mozambique. · [Read More]

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1st February 2015

At long last we have uploaded CAP reports which describe in some detail the activities we have been supporting in Cabo Delgardo in northern Mozambique. The CAP Annual report 2013 can be seen from the [Read More]

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28th January 2015

Rachel Nelken has been working on community and we agreed to help. She recently sent this email to keep us up to date with progress. “Many thanks to those of you who supported our community opera [Read More]

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11th March 2013

Since our presentation James Sargeant at Childeric has been busy looking to make use of our Bursary.  A trip to the the theatre to see Handa’s surprise was incorporated into the learning of weights and [Read More]


Actually this is more a her-story.  Jani inspired us and ironically, directly and indirectly has provided most of our funding. 1975 Jani was living on the Crossfields estate in Deptford and studying to be a [Read More]


  The MERRY TRUST is the formal charity set up to carry on the work of the MERRYMAKERS, a group of friends, pupils, relatives and contacts pulled together by Jani to help young people in [Read More]

About Merry

At MERRY we focus on creating the facilities for arts, crafts, music and literature in Pemba, Northern Mozambique, and cultural opportunities and links for children in Deptford. We were set up by Jani Llewellyn – [Read More]


Pemba is the main town in the most northern province of Mozambique, Cabo Delgado. It has a large natural harbour and has been one of the fastest developing centres in Mozambique. Cabo Delgado is home [Read More]


Deptford lies South of the river Thames, just closer to London than Greenwich and across the river from the high-rise developments of the Isle of Dogs. Deptford Creek is the tidal portion of the River [Read More]

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