15th March 2015

Here are the main CAP achievements/results for 2014 that Barbara sent to Martin Fischler, Programme Coordinator East Africa,Senior Advisor Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Advisory Services at HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation our administration Partner in Mozambique.

· Local cultural actors were successfully linked with donors, especially the Swiss Development Cooperation: (we gave) support to the project submission and negotiation process. Six of CAP partners managed to receive funds from SDC (Pronanac Educacional/community theatre, Associação Cultural Novos Horizontes/theatre, Os Excluidos/underground music, OJT3/dance, Tambo Tambulani Tambo/Cultural Centre, UACAD/union of crafts cooperatives).
=> Local cultural actors gained confidence, managed to reach out and realized cultural activities with more and diversified funds available.
· 300 children of 4 villages of Macomia district organized a weekend of cultural activities together with their teachers – led by a longstanding CAP beneficiary (now a young professionally trained teacher)
=> Promotion of a joyful school environment with the active involvement of the communities, to strengthen the link between communities and schools. Cultural activities are used as a strong tool to engage in community activities.
· A digital camera training for 8 young creative citizens took place, and the small digital cameras were handed over.
=> Aware citizens document their world and environment (photos are also being used during the Terraço Aberto debates!). Their view of things changed becoming more sensitive, critical.
· Young singers, musicians, little poets and actors from the province have their own radio programme “Músicas sem Fronteiras” at the community radio “Rádio sem Fronteiras”.
=> Young voices are being heard and spread and the actors/singers/musicians/poets have an outreaching space to exchange and express themselves, to grow and to interact with the audience.
· A crafts association of young men from an expanding suburban district where pressure on land is high legalized their status.
=> The association secured the land, got their rights (they had been threatened, but resisted thanks to their official status) and go on with their commercial activities to support their families. The association serves as positive example in the Municipality, attracting more members from the neighbourhood.
· Provincial Cultural Network, hosted at and led by the Provincial Cultural Centre, was reorganized and the yearly planning supported. Due to the national elections (with long campaign where staff was strongly involved) activities were put on standby.
=> Such networks are a good thing and would be needed, but seem fragile due to the political environment.